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At Ashbourne Farms, we raise our animals outside on pasture without the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids.  Unique to the industry, we incorporate the use of warm season grasses in our rotational grazing and in wintertime/drought hay feeding programs. We devote a great deal of time and energy to improving the quality of our soil and grasses.  We want to leave the pastures better than we found them so that our children can continue this farming operation in a sustainable way.

Our cattle are a mix of Shorthorn and Black Angus, resulting in an excellent foraging animal with nice marbling in the meat. The meat is leaner than traditional grain-fed beef, so you must be careful not to overcook it.  While the meat has less fat, it has more flavor.  It has a nice "beefy" taste with a wonderful chew quality.  Grass-fed beef has many health benefits such as lower cholesterol, lower fat and calories, higher in omega - 3's and other essential fatty acids.  For more information on the benefits of pastured animals, please visit

We also offer pastured pork from hogs raised as they should be: out in the open air, foraging through grassy fields and rooting under shady trees.  They make good use of leftovers from the garden, too.  All of that good health translates into good and healthy meat.  This is nothing like what you will find at the supermarket.  One taste is all it takes to understand the difference.

Austin's daughter, Stella, added chickens to the farm and began selling her Lucky Eggs.  These delicious eggs come from a variety of Araucana, Australorp, Red Comet, Barred Rock, Orpington and Rhode Island Red chickens.  They spend their day walking freely among the cow pastures, gravel pathways, and straw mulched barns.  These chickens are truly free-range!  As a result of their diverse food intake and access to a variety of ranging areas, these eggs have a deep orange color with a marvelous flavor.  These are how all eggs should taste.  Stella has found many double yolks and even a triple yolks in these "lucky" eggs of hers.  Lucky for us, they are healthier, too.  Since these chickens are pasture raised, they lay eggs that are naturally higher in essential omega 3's and other vitamins and minerals.

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