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About Ashbourne Farms

Ashbourne Farms is owned by Ina Brown Bond and her son, Austin Musselman.

Ina grew up around farms and her father's and grandfather's love for the land and farming was contagious. At 21, she had her first cattle farm off Mayo Lane in Oldham County. Currently, she also manages a successful thoroughbred broodmare operation in the area.

Austin also shares his mother's love of nature and farming. He grew up hunting and fishing on the farm and in the region. Austin develops and manages real estate in Louisville and has served as chairman of the Kentucky Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and President of Bernheim Forest, as well as service on other conservation boards.

Ashbourne Farms is almost 1600 ac. and is at the headwaters of Harrods Creek. Brush Run creek and several other springs and tributaries flow into Harrods Creek and the water quality here is better than downstream where more development has occurred. The farm has several historic farmhouses and cabins dating back to the early 1800's and other features that qualified it for the Historic Register.

Farm Employees
Clarence Mays, Farm Manager

Clarence Mays comes from Henderson County in Western Kentucky, where  he gained over 25 years of experience in agriculture.  Fourteen of  those years were spent managing a 5,000 acre row crop farm. Having completed courses in the Kentucky Master Grazer Program in 2008 and Kentucky Master Cattlemen Classes in 2009, Clarence believes that  continuing education is the key to staying competitive and achieving  success in farming or any type of business operation.
Derek Kelley, Assistant Manager/Head of Vegetable Production

Derek Kelley is a Louisville native and has been passionate about good food as long as he can remember.  In the year 2000, he obtained a degree in Culinary Arts.  His love for cooking good food grew into a love of producing good food.   Derek loves every aspect of farming; from growing healthy food from a small seed  to seeing new life being born on the farm.  He has been farming for six years and is a natural.


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